To the Overcomer:

November 2, 2021

There is a lot of talk about it being the end times and it very well may be. We don’t know the exact times, but end times or not we have plenty to be concerned about. Most of us are only in a position to pray, vote and live the best life we can.

One thing I don’t believe we need to do is to view life with fear and dread. Let’s remember who our God is and his love and care for his children. Just as Noah and his family were protected in the Ark whether its through rapture or the miraculous, God will protect believers.

Here is what I think will be going on with the true believers in the last days. I believe we will walk through fire like Meshack, Shadrack and Abednego and not even be singed.

When we are thrown in a den of lions their mouths will be shut from us but they will feast on our enemies as they did for Daniel. We may go through a storm but whales will be sent to swallow us and spit us up safely on shore as they did for Jonah. Plagues may come but they will pass over as they did for the Hebrew children who were slaves in Egypt.

What about food? I believe the Ravens will come out to feed us as they did Elijah. We will call water from the rocks as Moses did. We may be thrown in prison but as we sing Psalms & Praises the buildings will shake and the irons will fall off like they did for Paul & Silas. We will walk out of jail invisible to our captors as Peter did.

If we are bitten by the snake we will shake it off into the fire unharmed as Paul was. I know some will be martyrs but those chosen for that honor will courageously walk through it and be carried to the Heavenly gates by Angels to receive their reward.

I believe the Overcomers in the end times will walk in the supernatural. We will make Thor and Iron Man look puny. Don’t fear or dread for those chosen for the end times will be in for an adventure in faith more exhilarating than climbing Mount Everest. The world may fall but we will be astounded by the miracles and deliverance for the ones who Overcome. 

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