My friend Marie posted this and I wanted to share it with you.

May 9, 2022

God always seems to amaze me…

During my mornings, walking or not, I’m praying. I ask the Holy Spirit to show me things or tell me who to pray for. The entire time, I’m praying for all kinds of things…sickness, healing, trauma of hearts, people, situations…

By the end, I’m tired and sweaty 🥵😂😉

But today was different. I turn the corner to head home and HE tells me RUN.  I think, maybe not. Macie has short legs, I’m 42. No one wants to see all that jiggle in the morning. I was still hearing RUN even through my excuses. Then Macie takes off. RUNNING.

So we RUN. Uh, hello! I haven’t ran in years.

But you know, the God I serve only knows how to triumph. Just when we are tired, frustrated with waiting, out of energy, HE gives us what we need. We have to trust him and trust the process.

It doesn’t mean he will AMAZON PRIME you everything you want in 2 days. But he is going to give you the VICTORY!

You may not be a believer. That’s youre choice, but I’ll say, I’ve spent so many years following ME. Even when I knew differently. It caused so many problems in my life. I failed so many, including my lord.  So when I tell you that this face is freed,loved and whole, I am WHOLE! ♥️ He is moving mountains in my life and YOURS!

He loves this sweaty mess and gave me everything I needed to finish this morning with a RUN…🏃‍♀️

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