June 1st, 2022

June 1, 2022

My son, grandson and great grandson’s built me this fire pit last year. (The youngest was 1 1/2.) It would’ve gone faster without the Greats but not as much fun. 

Sunday night some friends came over and we sat around the glowing embers, listened to music, licked s’mores from sticky fingers and relaxed as we gazed at the flames.

Fire was one of the first things mankind mastered to control our environment.  It brought warmth, extended the day, cooked the food and offered protection from wild animals.

In our case it created a social event for a group of friends.  A candlelit dinner or crackling fire can also be a powerful aphrodisiac.  I wonder how many of us were conceived under the influence of a romantic flame? “Come on baby light my fire!” Lol

As long as it is controlled and respected fire is our friend.  Uncontrolled it can consume and destroy everything in its path. Fire is a lesson in responsibility.  A single match can create a fire that will provide warmth and pleasure for a family, or it can destroy a home.    

The Bible tells the story of God speaking to the Prophet Moses through a burning bush.  In that conversation he charged Moses with the job of leading his people to freedom from slavery.  God promised a land of plenty, flowing with milk and honey.  In our country we call it “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

A burning bush was not unusual, the difference in this fire was that it did not consume and destroy the bush.  That is the nature of God.  He will call us but he never consumes us.  God is good.

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