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Few are more qualified to speak to grief than Andy Willoughby. Growing up in the country, Andy spent his childhood running through the woods with his eight siblings. Six of those siblings have now passed. Andy met his wife when she was fifteen and he was seventeen. He walked her to class then immediately told his best friend that he’d just met the girl he was going to marry. Two years later, the high school sweethearts were married. Andy and his wife raised three children together, then lost one of their sons to cerebral palsy when he was only thirty-eight. The couple also lost Andy’s parents and his wife’s parents. As if grief was not familiar enough by this point, the unimaginable happened in February of 2016. Andy’s beloved wife of forty-seven years unexpectedly passed away.

Deep in his grief and reflecting on his new status as a widower, Andy wrote a Facebook post about the loss of his wife. To his surprise, the response of his friends and family sparked something in him. Andy was told that his words had moved others, meant something to them, and even helped them with losses of their own. No stranger to authorship, Andy decided it might help him deal with the loss of his wife if he could help others through writing his story, and The Reluctant Bachelor was born.

Andy's first book Why Aren't We Rich Yet? is based on thirty successful years as a marketing and advertising professional. He is the father of three children, ten grandchildren, and eleven great grandchildren. It is Andy's desire to inspire hope that in time, the pain of losing a loved one will lessen and you can move forward with your life.

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