March 23, 2022

Yesterday I took a hike!  Through the Buesik State Park in southern Missouri.  Trying to avoid wading through a cold fast moving stream turned a 4.3 mile hike to 5.5.  iI took us about 3 hours.  We finally gave up and just stomped through the clear brisk brook almost to our knees.  So we had cold feet Lol! Elevations went from 500+ feet to almost 1,200.  We made a steep climb up a dry waterfall about 400 feet as the rocks stair stepped to the top.  Watched a teenager balance a 30 foot walk across a tree over the water 15 feet in the air and it was a narrow tree. It has rained here all night but supposed to stop about 1 pm.  I am thinking I will see how the rains have risen the streams.  😀

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