October 29, 2021

I can’t call her, she is working now.  He is so busy, I hate to bother him.  He/she is always in a hurry when we talk so i avoid calling. We are busy every night maybe next week. The doctor’s hand is on the door knob during the whole visit.  I can’t sleep.  Don’t have time to sleep. I wish I could just get some sleep. Too involved with school activities to learn how to live. So busy working for a living that you have no life. Too active with church to act like Jesus. 

I went to my HS class reunion to be with my best friends I never see. Then our whole lives were before us, now mostly behind us.  How many of those years were spent in FF>>? (Fast forward)  Cramming our day with disappearing ink.  Ignoring what the clouds look like.  No time to watch the wooly worm pass by or to answer a small child’s “why?”.  Running on a treadmill with no view.  Doing it all for the ones we don’t have time to love. Delaying living & loving till tomorrow but its always a day away.  

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived wrote “Too much activity gives you restless dreams, too many words make you a fool.”  He compared being too busy to being a babbling fool.

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