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The Reluctant Bachelor

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Exploring the pains, joys, and other contradictions of moving forward after a great loss, The Reluctant Bachelor is author Andy Willoughby’s story of navigating suddenly becoming a widower after almost fifty years of marriage. By turns heartwarming, emotional, and humorous, The Reluctant Bachelor is a book for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one and must now learn to create a new life. This book can help those supporting a griever as it describes how it feels to lose a spouse.

Why Aren’t We Rich Yet?

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A simple 3 Step Plan to succeed in Network Marketing or any home based business, The book is a quick, easy read with lots of humorous stories & examples. You will learn how to spend your time. How to get your prospects to say yes. What to do and what not to do. Each chapter has an action guide to get your business off and running. How to get out of a slump. This information in this book helped Andy Willoughby earn millions of dollars while rising to the top of 3 different networking companies. You will find out how he built an organization from 0 to over 250,000 distributors worldwide.

The Reluctant Bachelor

About the Author

Andy Willoughby is the author of two books, Why Aren’t We Rich Yet? and The Reluctant Bachelor. He utilizes his unique life experiences to provide insight for his readers on topics from how to start a business to how to recover from the loss of a loved one. His books are available to purchase on or click here.

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